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The Swiss polymath Albrecht von Haller (1708–1777) was one of the central figures of the century of the Enlightenment. As a poet and scholar, physician and botanist, collector and encyclopaedist, university professor and experimental researcher, society president and correspondent, renowned author and influential reviewer, magistrate and orthodox Christian, he reflects many of the intellectual movements, events, and conditions of his time.

Interest in Haller as a paradigmatic representative of the 18th Century has grown rapidly over the past years. Recent research has shown a growing awareness of the diverse nature of the Age of Enlightenment and an increasing interest in the functioning of the republic of letters and its interactions with economics, politics, and society. Haller’s rich life and work, his immense and multifaceted body of publications, and the extraordinarily extensive collection of handwritten documents he left at his death offer an ideal starting point for understanding and studying the century in which he lived.

This website is intended to serve as a platform for all who are interested in Haller and his times. It offers an abundantly illustrated introduction to Haller’s life and work, information about the principal fields of endeavour in which he was engaged, insights into past and present research, and an index of the large body of Haller’s original writings available online.