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Under the motto “Haller 300”, in commemoration of the 300th anniversary of Haller’s birth in 2008, the Albrecht von Haller Foundation of the Burgergemeinde Bern, in cooperation with the University of Bern and additional partners, organised a series of over 100 events in which Haller was presented to a broad public as a paradigmatic figure between the Ancien Régime and the age of modern science. These events included:

  • An anniversary celebration
  • Two exhibitions
  • A new stage production
  • Haller as a guest at Bern’s Museums Night in 2008
  • Two academic conferences
  • Book publications
  • Additional events such as city tours, Alpine hikes, public lectures, etc.

The programme for “Haller 300” and a collection of press reviews and radio and television reports offer an opportunity to review the events of the Haller 300 commemorative year.